Scientific Program is being organised by the Molecular Vision Laboratory at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Contacts for the Program are:

• Paul Donaldson

• Julie Lim

• Gus Grey

• Ehsan Vaghefi

The meeting will incorporate four special morning sessions, which take an integrative look at lens structure, function and disease in the developing, middle aged, old and cataractous lens with a view to set the scene for the subsequent sessions on each day. These sessions will be organised by session chairs apointed by the organising committee who will in turn invite 4 speakers per session leaving. In each session one slot will be left open and the final speaker will be selected from the submitted abstracts. In addition, to oral presentations there will be a poster session and a panel discussion on hot ideas in lens research.

Preliminary Social and Scientific Program ICL 2019

In 2019 we are introducing the concept of special morning sessions designed to set the theme for the day.

Sunday Late Afternoon Welcome Reception followed by Evening Session of the Kinoshita Lecture and recognition of travel awards.

Monday Special Session 1: Development of lens structure and function - Barbara Pierscionek & Dr Kehao Wang

• Lens development - Frank Lovicu & Yuki Sugiyama

• Cell signalling in the lens – Xin Zhang & Kristen Koeing

• Poster session – Moderator - Ehsan Vaghefi - We will have an emerging researcher best poster prize

**Evening Social **– Luau dinner and show


Special Session 2: Lens in middle age - new insights into presbyopia - Paul Donaldson & Steve Bassnett

• Cellular biomechanics - Velia Fowler & Cathy Cheng

• Lens structure and function - compaction Joe Costello & Steven Bassnett

• Ion channels and transporters -Tom White & Nick Delamere

Wednesday (Half day)

Special Session 3: The old lens - age related changes to lens structure and function - Kevin Schey & Roger Truscott

• Crystallin structure and function - Kirsten Lampi & Eugene Serebryan

Thursday Special Session 4: Loss of Transparency and Treatment Options - John Clark & Hiroshi Sasaki

• Redox and oxidation in the lens - Julie Lim & Marc Kantorow

• Protein modifications in cataract - Gus Grey & Takumi Takata

Discussion session - New ideas and issues in the lens - an eye on the future -Melinda Duncan

Evening Social – Conference Banquet

Friday (Half day –later start)

• PCO - Michael Wormstone & Sulin Chen

• Genetics and big data in the lens- Ales Cvekl & Salil Lachke

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