Travel Award Submission

NFER along with the Japanese CCRG will once again sponsor travel awards to assist attendance at the 2019 International Conference on the Lens (ICL). We anticipate that as many as 20 awards may be provided. Most of these are intended for young investigators (students, post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty) and will be in the amount of $2,000. I addition, there will be a Henry Fukui Travel Award for a senior participant in the amount of $2500. Eligible conference attendees are invited to apply for these awards by sending a copy of the abstract submitted for presentation at the ICL, their CV, and a letter of recommendation to Dr. Sam Zigler before October 1, 2019). All eligible individuals are welcome to apply, however if the number of approved applicants exceeds the number of available awards, priority will be given to those who have not previously received ICL travel awards. Awardees will receive the $2,000 by check upon registering for the meeting in Kona. Since the travel awards are intended to provide young investigators with maximal opportunity to meet and interact with the broad lens research community, it is expected that awardees will plan to be in Kona for the duration of the conference (December 8-13), and will register for the meeting through the ICL package which includes the conference site Sheraton Keahou Hotel. When receiving their travel award checks, each awardee must provide copies of their hotel and air travel receipts. These documents are necessary to satisfy requirements of the Internal Revenue Service and ensure that the awards are fully tax free.

Several Categories of Travel Grants are available for attending the ICL Meeting. Categories include the following:

Henry Fukui Travel Award for a senior US investigator

Frederick Bettelheim Travel Award for a US investigator

W. Gerald Robison Travel Award for a US investigator

NFER Young Investigator Travel Awards for junior investigators work in in a US laboratory

Alvira Reddy Travel Award for a Japanese investigator

Other Travel Awards these are open awards not limited to US laboratories or investigators that are administered through the NFER

To apply for a specific award, please upload a Nomination Letter requesting a specific travel award, a CV of the applicant, and a copy of the applicants submitted Conference Abstract.


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